How to Practice for Speed Reading

Now with all these methods you have in your hands, as stressed in all of the lessons, practice is needed to master them all and to develop the skill of speed reading.

In practicing, the reading materials, your vision and your schedule are all relevant factors which will contribute to your improved reading rate.

Almost any reading material can be used as a practice material for speed reading but for most methods, simple and easy materials should be considered first such as one page articles or children’s books for easy understanding. For the SQ3R Method, a material presenting headings and subheadings will be helpful to practice the eyes in locating those types of content while a material which you are not familiar with should be chosen when you are learning mind mapping for speed reading.

You should set a practice schedule of 15 to 30 minutes a day up to 1 hour, if you can to ensure the continuity of your progress and as much as possible, this should be done every day 7 days a week. A stopwatch will come in handy too so that you can time yourself to measure your reading rate real time. In measuring your speed, measure your comprehension too by asking what you have learned or understood from the material or by summarizing in your own words what you have read.

You can set one minute as a limit first, then count the number of words or sentences you were able to read within that timeframe. Do this repeatedly for 15 minutes and see if the number of words you read increased within one minute.

Utilizing online speed reading tests can also help you measure your reading rate.

Don’t neglect your eyes. Remember your eyes are your main tools in reading or speed reading for that matter. Exercise them daily before and after your speed reading practice and any other time of the day when you can, even for just 10 minutes a day. Moving the eyes up and down, left to right and in a clockwise or counter clockwise motion are the simplest eye exercises. But to make the exercise better, exaggerate the movements a little to ensure that the eye muscles are stretched. It’s just like how you exercise your body. Also remember to close them when you feel your eyes are already tired and remember to blink, especially when you are in front of the computer for long hours.

Remember to have fun all the time that you are doing your eye exercises and practice sessions for speed reading but keep distractions at bay so you can have more focus in learning the skills.

When you are not practicing, read at your normal pace but try to apply your progressing skills when you can but consciously build your vocabulary. When you land on a new word, look for its meaning and use it in your own sentence to grasp and understand it, so if you encounter the word while speed reading, it would be easier to comprehend.

Practice and perseverance will make your speed reading skills perfect

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