Learning How to Speed Read in 3 Steps:
Reading at a quick pace is one of those skills that not many people make use of, and it’s not like they don’t want to either. Reading at a quick rate means that you can soak up more information in a smaller timeframe, which is crucial if you’re a student or anybody that happens to be a part of the educational system.

Suggestions for Improving Reading Speed:
This is a page on the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Cook Counseling Center website providing tips on how to increase reading speed.

How to Exercise Your Eyes:
This is an article about simple methods we can do to ensure the health of our eyes.

Free Eye Exercises: Can Free Vision Exercises Strengthen Your Eyes?
This is an article discussing the importance of eye exercises at the same time providing great exercises for eye health.

Speed Reading Self-Pacing Methods:
This is a page in the Glendale Community College website providing links to the pacing methods for speed reading.

Evelyn Wood (teacher):
This is a short biography of Evelyn Wood and how she became the “Pioneer of Speed Reading.”

This article provides a general description of the SQ3R Reading Method.

Reading Strategies: SQ3R Method:
This article provides detailed descriptions of the processes involved in the SQ3R Method.

Mind Map:
This article gives a full context about Mind Mapping from its history, uses, to its effectiveness in learning.

Speed Reading:
This is an article discussing what speed reading is and the methods involved in developing the skill. It also provides a description of PhotoReading and a NASA study about the system.