Speed Reading is Essential

Speed reading is a skill that not many realize they need, simply because it has been a long time belief that speed reading is inborn of a person and those who get to learn it, really has it in their natural abilities or simply their talent. But this is not the case, speed reading can be learned by anyone and it only needs proper training and a determined heart. Like all other skills, it needs enough time and practice to become efficient at it.

I mentioned that speed reading is an essential skill because reading is a basic skill every person should know and information is just all around. Reading has been slowly taught to us starting in pre-school. It is a skill that will help us thrive in this information-filled world. It’s not an exaggeration because from the time we were born, we were faced with information already. Even if we still were not able to comprehend it, we were weighed and measured. This was written down. And most especially our certificate of live birth was written down too. Though information can be learned through spoken words and hearing, those words will still be written down before and after it is spoken. But more of it is already written down before being taught so it will be ready for reading. Even the blind reads using Braille.

Information just surrounds us because it is human nature to desire to learn, to know what is around us. So reading is really needed and if we don’t know how to do it we’re put in tight spot and our capacity to move with this world is limited.

Speed reading then gives us an advantage when we know how to do it. We get to assimilate more information faster and become more efficient in what we do. Efficiency then results to productivity which is a major benefit whether we are talking about studies or work or even a vocation.

Imagine being able to read learning resources in college in a short amount of time. You’ll be able to finish more reports and other paper works faster and still have enough free time for going to the mall or night outs with school mates without the need to cram when the paper is due. Or being able to review more of your lessons even in a small amount of time before the exams and still able to comprehend and memorize. Or just be able to read more books of your interest like novels, romances, adventure, or sci-fi without it taking more of your time. Think of being able to learn more training materials faster than your co-employees. You’ll definitely have an edge over them since you have already learned in advance. You can easily go with the flow of the training when it’s discussed and this is a great plus for your career advancement.

Come to think of it, speed reading is not only about getting more information but it’s also about time which is so precious in today’s world. Time, let’s admit it, really flies fast and we need to accomplish many things within a day. Having the skill to read faster than the average can save you more time and energy for that matter. You get to have time to do other important things than just learn or take in information. Sometimes, it’s hard to relax when you still have a lot of things you need to finish for the day whether in work or in school, especially when you have a family to take care of too. Being able to read at a fast pace can help a lot in this. You get to finish off your tasks which need reading and comprehension and still have time to de-stress yourself to be ready to face your family and the next day again.

All these are not only wishes. All these can be a reality when you learn speed reading. Many who welcomed the chance to learn speed reading and made progress are experiencing better productivity in school and at work and have the needed time for their family, friends and for themselves. You only have more to gain with speed reading.

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